Translation Zone(s): A Stuttering

Library of Birmingham, April 2016

Translation Zone(s): A stuttering by Heather Connelly 2016 from hconnelly on Vimeo.

3 minute documentation of a performance by Heather Connelly, score devised and arranged in association with composer and vocalist Soul Zisso and conductor Daniel Galbreath at the Library of Birmingham. The film has been edited by Heather Connelly and Thomas Kilby, who also coordinated and filmed the event with Johrah Al Homied and Kauri Kaukvere. The performer-participants were Lulu Baldreldin (Arabic), Anqi Chen (Mandarin), Chen Chan (Taiwanese), Joanna Delyse Packwood (English) Bruno Grillo (Portugeuse), Maria Kourtesi (Greek), Pan Pan (Shanghainese), Anna Pirvola (Finnish), Rhadika Sharma (Hindi), Chutima Tatanan (Aun) – (Thai), Yume Zhang (Japanese) and Soul Zisso (Hebrew).

This project was funded by Arts and Humanities Research Council Cultural Engagement fund and supported by Birmingham City University, further information can be seen on the Translation Zone(s) 1 page.

*A longer 8 minute version edit is also available on request.