Constellations 22

Translation Zone(s): Constellations 22

Experiential Translation Network ConferenceExhibition: Performative & Experiential Translation: Meaning-Making through Language, Art and Media

13th-15th July 2022

Somerset House and Kings College London.

Heather has invited a number of artists/researchers, writers and students to create a series of constellations for Ricarda Vidal (PI) & Madeleine Campbell’s (CI) AHRC funded Experiential Translation Network (ETN).

Each constellation has been designed to explore the significance and potential of Experiential Translation through and in artistic research, and how these experiments and findings can in turn contribute to this new field. Collectively they aim to provide alternative interpretations of Experiential Translation, its relevance and potential within artistic research and art and design pedagogy. These constellations are generative and serve as starting points for further research, reflection, collaborations and research. Further information about participants, work in progress and documentation of these generative and embodied acts, will be published here and be brought together in various artefacts, papers and performative lectures.

The three constellations are outlined below:

1: Translation Zone(s): Experiential Translation in Action part 1

This constellation consists of four artist/writers/researchers including Heather, who she has worked with before: Johanna Hӓllsten (UK/Sweden), Belén Cezero (Spain/UK) and Shauna Laurel Jones (UK/Iceland/USA). They will use the conference as an expanded studio to work in dialogue and undertake a live examination of ‘experiential translation’ though art practice – writing-thinking -making-doing, inviting participants to wit(h)ness* and engage in their process. The material generated will be shared with the network, conference participants and serve as a foundation for future works, publications and events.

Further information can be found by clicking on ETA – PART 1


*See ‘Practices of Wit(h)nessing’ in Gansterer, Cocker and Greil (eds.), 2017. Choreo-graphic Figures Deviations from the Line, Berlin: De Gruyter. p164-166.

2: Translation Zone(s): Experiential Translation in Action part 2

Heather has invited Artist/researcher/academic Danica Maier and musicologist/composer/academic Martin Scheuregger to enter into a dialogue about the role of ‘Experiential Translation’ in their artistic research project Mechanical Asynchronicity.


3: Translation Zone(s): Experiential Translation in Action part 3

Heather has invited two of her graduating Arts Foundation Year students, Luna Rosson and Pia Holden, to participate in the conference, to wit(h)ness – documenting the event through drawing and note-taking. The work produced will be analysed through discussion and developed collaboratively into artefact(s) for dissemination and exhibition. This particular constellation aims to consider what knowledge can be gained through drawing and how design opens up dialogue and provides opportunities to engage new audiences, ask research questions, and potentially lead to new ways of thinking about this phenomenon. ETN PI, Ricarda Vidal and myself will meet with the students on a biannual basis to find out what the impact that this experience has upon them and their practices’ as they continue onto their degrees in Illustration and Fine Art. 

Further information can be found by on: ETinA Part 3

Further details on ETN in the research section of this website:


I have also designed and made the Risograph catalogue for the exhibition at University of Lincoln, with the help from Jantze Holmes and a number of my students Will, Pia and Luna (thank you):

You can download a B&W pdf version here:

Experiential Translation Booklet Digital small version for web