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4th Nov 2022

Translation Zone(s): Constellations 22

Documentation of the work produced can now be viewed by visiting ETinA – Part 1 & ETinA – Part 3

6th July 2022

Translation Zone(s): Constellations 22

Planning and preparing with collaborators for this event next week for a series of 3 constellations. You can read more about plans in Constellations 22 section of the menu:

I will be updating these pages as we go.

Information about the Experiential Translation Network conference and exhibition can be found here: You can book tickets or come to performances (free).

Traveling Exhibition

Just finished designing and now printing and collating Rizo exhibition catalogue, here’s a sneak preview:



16 June 2021

Experiential Translation Network: 1st Symposium

Looking forward to sharing plans and listening to others proposal and contributing to this new and emerging area of research tomorrow.

I will be discussing my plans for a new body of artistic research: Again and Again tomorrow. The abstract and work in progress will be uploaded here:

You can find out more about the AHRC funded International Experiential Translation Network here and via their website, where you will also find links to participants, future events, reading lists etc.

20 March 2020

Experiential Translation: Meaning-making, engagement and agency across media in a multimodal world.

Building on from my essay Beyond representation: Translation Zone(s) and intersemiotic translation. Campbell., M and Vidal., R (eds.). Translating across Sensory and Linguistic Borders: Intersemiotic Journeys between Media. Palgrave Macmillan. (pp. 217-245).

I have been invited to be part of Campbell and Vidal’s next venture

Watch this space!

06 March 2020

Translation Zones and InDialogue 2019

hancock & kelly An Extraordinary Rendition, Nottingham Contemporary. Photograph by Massey Photography 2019

After a busy 2019, I’ve just managed to upload the documentation and an outline of what happened back in November! It included 3 UK Premiers from InDialogue 2019 Artists in Residents  hancock&kelly funded by Arts Council England, and Marianna Maryama’s Permissions aka Loving With Both Hands and Johanna Hällsten’s Rupture & Flow both of whose works were include in Translation Zone(s): Constellation Hong Kong 2018 exhibition.

Marianna Maruyama. Permissions AKA Loving with Both Hands, InDialogue 2019, Derby Theatre

Please see InDialogue for outline for background on this project and its relationship to Translation Zones and InDialogue 2019 for further info and documentations on who did what when!

Johanna Hällsten Rupture & Flow performed by Juxtavoices and conductor Martin Archer, InDialogue 2019, Nottingham Contemporary photograph by Massey Photography.

You should also visit the InDialogue website for further details!

October 2019

Translation Zone(s): on not knowing and the affective nature of art 

TLANG 2 – Languaging in Times of Change

26-27 September 2019, University of Stirling.

I was invited to contribute to the Translanguaging Colloquium, Translation, Translanguaging and the Arts at TLANG 2, a follow on from the successful TLANG AHRC project part of the Open World Initiative.


Translation Zone(s): on not knowing and the affective nature of art 

This presentation aims to demonstrate, through theory and practice, the potential of art to engage diverse audiences in acts of translanguaging and how the affective nature of art affords new ways of investigating, thinking about and approaching the topic. This paper considers what can be gained through a responsive artist-led approach to research, asking questions performatively and co-opting artistic practices of ‘not knowing’ (Fisher & Fortnum 2013) and sensuous methodology (Pink 2009). Connelly invites delegates to consider how such approaches can be used to expand and build upon the research carried out by the TLANG team in Leeds (WP 23 & 27) which sees ‘knowledge as always in a process of being and becoming’ (Bradley, Moore, Simpson and Atkinson 2017) and Hua, Wei and Lyons investigation into a performance artists’ practice in London (WP 16 2016).

InDialogue  2019

3 Days 19th – 21st November 2019

3 cities Derby, Lincoln & Nottingham

InDialogue is back, and is inviting artists and researchers to submit abstracts and proposals that interrogate the notion of site as dialogue, dialogue as site:

Over the course of 3 days, InDialogue 2019 will activate Derby Theatre DédaMansions of the Future and  Nottingham Contemporary, a bus between venues and a mobile art space S.H.E.D.  through papers, workshops, performances, happenings, artist-led labs, live music, eat together, dance, debate, create installations and interventions – challenge and expand our knowledge of dialogue in theory and practice.

Further information can be found on the InDialogue website:

InDialogue is working with 11 cultural partners from across the East Midlands: Contemporary Visual Arts Network (CVAN)Dance 4DédaDerby City Council,  Derby Theatre, In Good CompanyMansions of the FutureNottingham ContemporaryS.H.E.D.University of DerbyUniversity of Lincoln. 


6.00 pm (GMT) Monday 18th February

SUBMIT YOUR PROPOSAL via the application form:

Notification of Selection:  11th March 2019

*InDialogue is a collaborative artistic research project between Dr Heather Connelly (University of Lincoln) and Dr Rhiannon Jones (University of Derby). Should you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us via email:




Twitter: @indialogue_uk


21 January 2019

Announcing two recent publications

Two essays that I have written on TranslationZone(s): A Stuttering have recently been published:


Beyond representation: Translation Zone(s) and intersemiotic translation. Campbell., M and Vidal., R (eds.). Translating across Sensory and Linguistic Borders: Intersemiotic Journeys between Media. Palgrave Macmillan. (pp. 217-245).


‘for anyone interested in intersemiotic translation, this is a book that takes the debate to a whole new level: not only describing radical rewritings of literary and other texts in a range of exotic media, but also enacting them. Achieving a fine balance between radical critique of mainstream epistemology and respectful deference to its values, this may prove to be a game changer.’ Karen Bennett NOVA, University of Lisbon, Portugal.




Translation Zone(s): an experimental approach to linguistic hospitality; ed. Segal, N. & Maryl, M. De Gruyter Open Cultural Studies (2018)

Available at:

16 July 2018

Be sure to check out the documentation of Translation Zone(s): Constellation Hong Kong 2018 exhibitions and events!

Visit Hong Kong 2018 and TZHK exhibition

TRANSLATION ZONE(S) – Monash University, Prato, Italy

Cultural Literacy in Theory and Practice

 9 – 10 July 2018

42596618214_c0f81dafa7_oFollowing on from the success of Translation Zone(s): Constellations in Hong Kong Heather presented Translation Zone(s) – encouraging cultural literacy through practice-led artistic research at the Cultural Literacy in Theory and Practice symposium.


Conference meal, Tuscany style!



Performance evening and exhibition launch

Dr. and Mrs. Sze Chi Ching Exhibition Gallery, Hong Kong Baptist University.

4 July 19.00 -21.00

saskia final




Saskia Holmkvist (SW) – Dog is dog (pictured), Bill Aitchison (UK/CH) Dispatches from Nanjing plus premiere of Marianna Maryumana (NL), Loving with Both Hands supported by Der Stroom Den Haag and the Mondrian Foundation and works from other artists outlined below – for further information visit: Constellation Hong Kong.


Schedule for live performances:

19.00    Introduction by curator Heather Connelly and opportunity to explore the exhibition

19.15     Rebecca Johnson – Milk Trip ≠ Milchreise

19.30     Saskia Holmkvist – Dog is Dog

20.15     Bill Aitchison – Dispatches from Nanjing

20. 30    Xiangyun Lim – Palimptext


Translation Zones arrives in Hong Kong!


Dr. and Mrs. Sze Chi Ching Exhibition Gallery, Hong Kong Baptist University.

International Association of Translation and Intercultural Studies (IATIS) 6th International conference 

3-6 July 2018

Performance Evening

4 July 19.00 -21.00

29 June 2018

I am starting the install of the first Translation Zone(s) exhibition today. Visit Translation Zone(s) Constellations Hong Kong for updates!

The exhibition includes work from established and emerging artists, curators, writers and researchers Bill Aitchison (UK/CN), Emma Cocker and Clare Thornton (UK), Heather Connelly (UK), Johanna Hällsten (SE/UK), Saskia Holmkvist (SE/NO), Rebecca Johnson (UK), Xiangyun Lim  (SG), Marianna Maruyama (NL), Manuela Perteghella (IT/UK) and Ricarda Vidal (DE/UK), Annie Xu (CN/UK) and Solomon Yu, Jimmy Chan and Eddie Cheung (HK).

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Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 14.47.27

January 2018

HomeHome is a film made by Heather Connelly and Belén Cerezo, a translation of a poem which has been subject to multiple translations for Manuela Manuela Perteghella and Ricarda Vidal’s Transformations: exploring the impact of migrations on the notions of home, a new collaboration research project.

The work will be presented at various academic conferences and arts festivals in 2018: Multilingualism in World LiteraturesSOAS, London (Jan)Turning into the Noise of Europe, the Hague University of Applied Science (NDL) Haag (18 – 19 Jan); The Poetry Library, Southbank Centre, London (Jan-July); Whitstable Biennale (TBC June); Ledbury Poetry Festival (June-July); IATIS Annual Conference, Hong Kong Baptist University (3-5 July).

video stills

ESCURRIR in Shanghai

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 17.36.04

13th October 2017

Escurrir the video featuring a Mandarin addition by Annie Xu and a collaboratively devised presentation entitled Art Practice and Translation: a call for collaboration was well received at the Researching Translation & Interpreting The Challenge & Promise of Interdisciplinary conference at the Baker Centre for Translation today and Intercultural Studies, Jiao Tong University, Shanghai , looking forward to hearing the comments and developing a paper on the collaboration with Gabriela on her return .

12th October 2017

Shakespeare Connected: Telling Stories, Sharing Pictures, Changing Lives



Just spent an exciting day with staff and colleagues from numerous Universities, discussing our ideas for online exhibits and researching in the archives at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust for the Shakespeare Connected: Telling Stories, Sharing Pictures, Changing Lives project.  The project is  funded by the Museum University Partnership Initiative (MUPI) programme funded by National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE) and Arts Council England (ACE) through the Match Designated Collections Grant. The exhibition will be launched in April 2018.

Translation Zone(s) – using art and design as a method for engaging students in intercultural dialogue.

I will be running a workshop as part of the Performative Pedagogies: Performative Teaching and Learning in the Arts Symposium  at  Lincoln University on 14th October 2017.

Performative pedagogy is a growing area of pedagogic interest. The symposium will feature an exciting and diverse range of papers and workshops on the subject. Furthermore, we hope to encounter the ways in which performative pedagogy is useful and applicable to enable learning across a range of artistic disciplines.

For further information and to book visit: Performative Pedagogies Symposium

Art Practice and Translation: a call for collaboration

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 10.08.00


I am currently developing an audio visual version of Escurrir and collaborative paper with Gabriel Saldanha for the for  the Researching Translation & Interpreting The Challenge & Promise of Interdisciplinary, Baker Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies, Jiao Tong University, Shanghai in  13 -15 October 2017.

It has been a busy few months! Read about my time as artist in residence at the Summer Lodge at Nottingham Trent  from 3rd – 14th July 2017 by clicking here or on the menu bar.



ESCURRIR  – Translation as Collaboration

The Poettrio Experiment event at  Newcastle University on 20th July 2017.

Find out more about the new collaborative work developed with Gabriela Saldana ESCURRIR  by clicking on this link or navigating the menu on the left hand-side.







Translation Zone(s) is excited to be presenting and participating in the following conferences and symposia over the next few months do join me!

The Space in Between: Thinking Translation in Creation 

29th-30th of June 2017,  A Symposium and Workshop,  Lancaster University, FASS Building, Main Room

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 21.49.09

Further information and to book a place visit:

(E):motion Cultural Literacy Europe second biennial conference

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 21.41.32



I was delighted to be the recipient of an Early Career Bursary to present Translation Zone(s), and looking forward to presenting at Staszic Palace!

Further information available here:











31st March – 8th April 2017

Translation Zone(s): A stuttering at



TransARTation! is a touring exhibition that opens up a space for artists, poets, and local communities to explore ideas about translation, movement, migration and art in a variety of ways, including workshops, artists’ talks, interactive installations and multimedia art.

31 March – 8 April 2017, The Byre Theatre, The University of St Andrews, Scotland and

12 April – 7 May 2017, The Shoe Factory Social Club, St Mary’s Works, Norwich NR3 3AF

TransARTation! is supported by the Arts Council England and has been devised and curated by Manuela Perteghella, Eugenia Loffredo and Anna Milsom.

Further information can be found at:

Tuesday 28th March 2017

Translation Zone(s): Prekladová Zóna


slovak TZ logo green

A new collaboration with artist and curator Karina Cabanikova, come and participate in a Slovakian game  as a prelude to Frank Heather’s Global Voices concert. Following the concert I will lead an informal discussion in response to Heather’s work with former NATO interpreter Luise Askew and director-composer Jennifer Bell.

Global Voices

Tuesday 28th March

The Dome, Bramall Music Building, University of Birmingham

B15 2TT

GlobalVoice press release

For tickets and further information about the concert please visit:

Friday 24 February 2017

I will be participating in Nicoline van Harskamp event  “Englishes” – a conversation at RADAR, Loughborough University on Friday 24 February, 1 – 5pm – FREE

Click here to register



2nd February 2017

Check out TranslationZone(s) panel and performance at InDialogue (Dec 2016)


Saskia Holmkist discussing her work as part of my panel at Nottingham Contemporary  – Dec 1st 2016.

InDialogue is a biannual symposium and event that I co-founded and curate.

For documentation of the event and further information visit : Visit :

29th June 2016

Finished editing the documentation of Translation Zone(s): A stuttering performance at Library of Birmingham. Here is a 3 minute version of the work edited by myself and Tom Kilby, who was also in charge of documenting the event with Johrah Al-Homied and Kauri Kaukvere.

Translation Zone(s): A stuttering by Heather Connelly 2016 from hconnelly on Vimeo.

20th June 2016

Looking forward to presenting Translation Zone(s): A Stuttering at Intersemiotic Translation Words, Brush-strokes and Dancing Shoes – a symposium on translatability across invisible borders organised by Ricarda Vidal and Madeleine Campbell

King’s College London, 1st July 2016, 11am – 5pm, Strand Building, Room S3.05

For further information visit: Translation Games

May 2016

For the past 3 months (Feb-April 2016) I (Heather Connelly) have been Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)* Cultural Engagement Fellow at Birmingham City University and the Library of Birmingham funded by the as  during which time I have developed two pilot projects in the Translation Zone series live sound work and a round table event both of which will be performed/hosted at The Library of Birmingham. Both events are free to attend further details can be found on the project pages in the menu bar.

TZ roundtable final


These events are funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council as part of their Cultural Engagement programme, Birmingham City University and the Library of Birmingham.

*The Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) funds world-class, independent researchers in a wide range of subjects: ancient history, modern dance, archaeology, digital content, philosophy, English literature, design, the creative and performing arts, and much more.  This financial year the AHRC will spend approximately £98m to fund research and postgraduate training in collaboration with a number of partners. The quality and range of research supported by this investment of public funds not only provides social and cultural benefits but also contributes to the economic success of the UK. For further information on the AHRC, please go to: