ETinA – Part 2

Translation Zone(s): Experiential Translation in Action part 2

A dialogue with Danica Maier about her project Mechanical Asynchronicity 


Score: Mechanical Asynchronicity by Danica Maier and Martin Scheuregger

Danica Maier – Score (5 min clip) –

‘Score: Mechanical Asynchronicity (Score: MA) is a collaborative project between visual artist Danica Maier and composer Martin Scheuregger. The project takes a single historical lace draft from the Nottingham Lace Archive as the starting point for new live and installation-based visual-musical works. This lace draft would have originally been used to programme a mechanical lace machine – it is, in essence, a set of graphical instructions.’ (Maier)

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This dialogue will follow Danica’s presentation and overview of the project Score: Mechanical Asynchronicity, with the aim of contextualising the project in relation to Experiential Translation network – drawing out key themes, ideas and provocations that have emerged over the 3 day performances, events and conference.

Danica Maier bio:

Danica Maier is an artist and Associate Professor in Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University. Her practice focuses on the un-repeating-repeat, aspect seeing, and exploration of material processes. Her work uses site-specific installations, drawing, and objects to explore expectations, while using subtle slippages to transgress propriety. Recent exhibitions / live events include: Bummock: Tennyson Research Centre; Associated Thoughts on Line, as part of the Convocation: On Expanded Language – Based Practices within the Research Pavilion at the 58th Venice Biennale; and Score: Mechanical Asynchronicity, York Concerts.

ETinA – Part 2