Marta Discepoli & Marianna Maruyama in dialogue, InDialogue 2019. Mansions of the Future, Day 3 – Lincoln (Photographs by Kala Heatherson)

InDialogue is an artistic research project founded in 2012 by Dr Heather Connelly and Dr Rhiannon Jones a biannual international event/symposium, which invites artists, interrogation of and discussion about and through dialogue. To date, there has been four symposia, 2012,14,16 & 19.

InDialogue aims to provide a platform and hospitable environment for artistic research, experimentation, interrogation and discussion about and through dialogue. It has been recognised as ‘the only platform I know of that provides a space for substantive international exchange on issues associated with dialogue, across the boundaries of visual art, theatre and performance studies.’ (Prof. Grant Kester 2015). InDialogue encourages innovative, interdisciplinary research and invites participants to respond to themes, sites and to test out new ways of disseminating, engaging and encouraging interaction with research. It attracts national and international arts practitioners, designers, researchers and academics at different stages of their careers from range of disciplines, nationalities and countries.

[From left to right] Marta Discepoli, (Mansions of the Future), Johanna Hallsten & Juxtavoices performance (Nottingham Contemporary), Unresting and re-verbing panel members during lunch at Derby Theatre  InDialogue 2019. Mansions of the Future, Day 3 – Lincoln (Photographs by Kala Heatherson and Massey Photography)

InDialogue has worked with multiple arts-based and cultural organisations within the East Midlands region and beyond. Full information about InDialogue can be seen by visiting the website:, which includes archive footage of all previous events.

InDialogue evolved out my own understanding of translation as a dialogic act, as discussed in chapter 2 of my PhD Thesis, Speaking through the Voice of Another (2015), where I used interlingual translations of the term to expose multiple models of dialogue. The culturally specific nuances of each translation offer an insight into alternative modes of thinking and doing and the underlying assumptions that we, unwittingly, make when entering into a dialogue with another. InDialogue has provided me with a platform to further explore translation and/as dialogue with other arts practitioners, researchers and translators as I have invited guest speakers, such as Claire Charnley, Katarina Zdjelar and Alex Mével (2012), Fucking Good Art and Rachel Marsden (2014), Saskia Holmkvist and Luigi Galimberti (2016) and Marianna Maruyama (2019). Whilst also extending networks, through the open call and becoming acquainted with other artists and academics working within this field who I have gone on to work with on TranslationZones projects, most notably Gabriella Saldana (2016).

Marianna Maruyama, Permissions AKA Loving with Both Hands, InDialogue 2019, Derby Theatre.

InDialogue 2019 took place over 3 days at various cultural venues (Derby Theatre, Déda, Mansions of the Future and Nottingham Contemporary) in 3 cities (Derby, Lincoln & Nottingham) within the East Midlands. It was supported by a further 7 cultural partners from across the East Midlands: Contemporary Visual Arts Network (CVAN)Dance 4,  Derby Theatre, In Good Company,  S.H.E.D.University of DerbyUniversity of Lincoln and included InDialogue’s 3rd International Residency hosted by Dance4 and funded by Arts Council England.


hancock & kelly  An Extraordinary Rendition, Nottingham Contemporary. Photograph by Massey Photography 2019

InDialogue 2019 resident artists hancock & kelly 

A report on the event can be read by visiting: InDialogue 2019