ETinA – Part 3

Translation Zone(s): Experiential Translation in Action part 3

A project by Heather Connelly with Luna Rosson and Pia Holden.

This project comprises of a number of parts and research questions:

1) Wit(h)nessing

Heather has invited two of her undergraduate students, Luna Rosson (Fine Art) and Pia Holden (Illustration), to participate in the conference as wit(h)nesses to document the event through drawing and note-taking. 

This will activate Experiential Translation by – thinking-making – extracting and understanding in order to find out:

  • What new knowledge (if any) is generated through different modes of documenting and recording?
  • How does drawing aid understanding?
  • What is the impact (if any) on the individual students work?
  • How could this contribute to ETN?

2) Opening up dialogue through design 

The work produced will be analysed and reflected upon in dialogue with ETN PI, Heather and colleagues from the University of Lincoln School of Design. The ‘documents’ will be brought together into an artefact(s) to disseminate the work, engage others in the research and to extend this act of experiential translation. The aim is to consider how design can be used to ask research questions, performatively; how it opens up dialogue and engage new audiences rather than being limited to communicating and disseminating data. 

3) How might this be applied art & design pedagogically and to what end? 

Observations and reflections on part 1 and 2 will be used to elicit the benefits of engaging art and design students in research activities, as wit(h)nesses and engaging in experiential translation. The findings will be used to develop future projects within the School of Design and beyond.

Experiential Translation in Action: Documents from the symposium

Below are some examples of pages extracted from Pia and Luna’s sketchbooks during a debrief in September. More to follow….

A page from Luna’s sketchbook

A page from Pia’s sketchbook


Pia Holden


Pia Holden is a Canadian mature student studying Illustration at the University of Lincoln. Now settled in England with her husband and children, she has chosen to further develop her artistic skills and explore the art of writing and illustrating books for children and young adults.

As a technical author since 2006, I have had the opportunity to translate technical and scientific languages into information easily absorbed by most audiences. I have also experienced translation through enculturation within my Danish and German heritage, residency in Sweden and travels in Europe, North and South America.

My interest in the ETN project stems from the combination of my personal exposure to language and culture with my professional experience, interest in linguistics and artistic ambitions. I look forward to the influences that participating in this project has on my current and future work.

Luna Rosson 


Luna is a mature student studying fine art at the university of Lincoln. Prior to this they were self employed as a tattoo artist, burlesque performer and cleaner. They were born in Bishop Auckland, Co Durham and moved to Luton as a child. Being exposed to different dialects of the same language was an interesting experience growing up. This is where Luna’s interest in the ETN comes in with the fluidity and evolution of a language, including its slang and ‘street talk’.

Their artistic interests involve performance, moving image, assemblage and textiles and is looking forward to developing their skills in these areas during their time studying.

Luna currently lives in Tuxford with their family and in their free time enjoys crocheting, upcycling and watching Star Trek

ETinA – Part 3