Again and Again

Translation Zone(s): Again and Again

The project is being developed as part of the AHRC funded Experiential Translation Network led by Ricarda Vidal and Madeline Campbell. Building upon previous work and writings, Heather will use this opportunity to expand Escurrir and consider how her practice in relation to this ’emergent’ new field.

PART 1: The beginning

Heather will contextualise her artistic-research with translation in relation to ‘Experiential Translation’, and what her research and practice can contribute to this theme and practice and what she hopes to gain/learn from and found out through engagement in this network.

Experiental Translation Symposium 1, 17th June 2021

Initial plans 

Heather will revisit, reframe and resume, Escurrir, a project begun in 2017 in collaboration with translator Gaby Saldanha that used Glissant’s relational poetics to explore Riordan and Takayanagi’s metaphoric description of the untranslatability of Japanese literature as a ‘Squeezed Jellyfish’. Heather will depart from the purely text-based performative work that she has focused on over the past 10 years to work with the visual and visceral elements of this metaphor. She aims to create a series of multi-modal encounters to provide opportunities for herself and fellow members of the network to: contemplate the potential of the affective nature of art in new ways of thinking about transformations that occur in and through the act of translation; what can be gained by translators; students and language learners by engaging in performative modes of research and alternative representation of translation processes.


I will document work in progress on this page

more details to follow…

Again and Again