Sense of Belonging

Heather has begun to examine the intersection of s academic role at the University of Lincoln as Programme Leader, International Lead and member of Decolonisation committee, interest in collaboration and creating opportunity for intercultural and transdisciplinary knowledge exchange. developing and extending her research-practice through the development of Sense of Belonging


An artistic research and scholarship project led by Dr Heather Connelly, supported through the University of Lincoln PPRAF funds – resulting in a co-curated exhibition, catalogue, workshops and seminar with Nick Wilson (GP Gallery), Dave Eccles and Joanne Mansfield.

The project has been designed to investigate how can Art & Design help to foster ‘a sense of belonging’, what are the common themes that emerge, and how are they being portrayed/communicated and to explore the potential of collaborative practice-research across design, curation, art, and pedagogy.

The exhibition will be presented in the PSP gallery, University of Lincoln, UK 9th – 12th July 2024

It will be presented as part of the Foundation Year Network annual conference, 9th – 10th July: to demonstrate how knowledge can be generated through design and other creative practice, which is being hosted by University of Lincoln (UoL).

A more expansive description and further information and documentation of the work can be found on the project’s blogsite: and in the open call/ brief


Belonging: building a community of and through practice a cross-institutional Zine making workshop

The workshop and has been devised by Heather Connelly, Dave Eccles & Nick Wilson (University of Lincoln), Jessica Longmore and John Grayson (Staffordshire University) and Sherene Meir (University of Durham)

This workshop will take place in the PSP Gallery at the UoL on Tuesday 9th July 2024 for delegates at the Foundation Year Network Annual Conference 24, which is being hosted at the University of Lincoln.

It will provide an opportunity to create a cross institutional zine on the topic of belonging for the Foundation Year Network.

Further information on this can be found at:

RESPONSES – ‘Reflecting Together’

Academics from a range of disciplines from different schools and colleges will be invited to spend time in the space and look through its documentation to reflect upon the topics explored. To write a response to the exhibition, which will be published as part of an online record/blog/pdf of the project and exhibition.

The focus of this response will be to reflect and comment upon what and how ‘creative’ practices have elicited new ways of ‘thinking’, ‘showing’ and ‘expressing’ this topic, and to consider/propose follow on research, scholarship projects.


There will be an online seminar/discussion with our colleagues from North Western University in South Africa, with opportunity to hear their responses to the exhibition and topic.